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Fast Track Bingo

Bingo Made Innovative

Golden Eagle Bingo Hall in Kenora, ON regularly comes up with innovative ways to enhance your bingo gaming experience. We offer Fast Track Bingo, a unique way of playing the game as it requires specific equipment as well as an electronic interface. Fast Track games are played during intermissions and breaks.

Fast Track Bingo is a special gaming device that has physical bingo shutter-type cards. These cards are directly mounted into the special device. Furthermore, all transactions are accurately tracked by an electronic interface that serves as the network. Prize board per game is split 50/50 of the profits brought in per each game.

Fast Track Facts

Fast Track bingo, though played in the traditional way, is a high speed shutter board style game played in blocks of 4 or 9 games sets. Golden Eagle fast track is played before Early birds and on intermissions.

On top of the Fast track regular 50/50 split of prizes, we have a $1.00 progressive and a $2.00 progressive to make it more fun!

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Fast Track
Fast Track
Fast Track

If you have any questions about Fast Track Bingo, feel free to call us at 807-548-1332. You may also send us a message through our online form.

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